01 Feb 2014

Valentine’s Day – Express yourself!

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February is known as the month of romance for many Americans, Mexicans, Canadians, Australians and French. Valentines day has become increasingly popular since it was first associated with romance during the Middle Ages. People around the globe celebrate this day with chocolates, flowers and cards for their loved ones. But… who was St. Valentine why is remembered with affection?image001

According to History.com, there were, in fact, three different people with the name “Valentine”. Although we do not know their exact stories, there are a few legends that explain this holiday for us. The first tells of a Priest by the name of Valentine who lived in the third century in Rome. Emperor Claudius II had discovered that young men make better soldiers if they didn’t have wives or a family, so he outlawed marriage of young men. Valentine saw the injustice of this, and continued to perform marriages in private. Valentine was caught, and ordered to death.


Another story suggests that Valentine was imprisoned for trying to help Christians escape from harsh Roman jails. He was caught and sent to prison himself. While in prison, he wrote a letter to his love and signed it “From your Valentine”, and this expression is still used today.

This year, it is estimated that 1 billion Valentines Day cards will be purchased, making it the second most popular card-giving holiday (the first being Christmas). These cards are pre-written and designed to articulate the feelings of an individual to their loved one. But, isn’t it sad that we no longer use our own words? Doesn’t the card become more valuable when we can directly explain our feelings to our loved ones? This Valentines Day, try using your own words to express your love and gratitude! Use any one of our artfully crafted ballpoint pens to describe exactly how you feel. Spector & Co’s Duran aluminum ballpoint pen with a rubber grip is light enough to carry anywhere, and absolutely the perfect promotional product. Easy to distribute and smooth to write with, use this Duran pen to express your true feelings to your loved one this Valentines Day.image002 Snap pens will also certainly get the job done. Equipped with a carabineer and a large logo space, ballpoint pen is easy to carry and can clip on to any key chain!


Chocolate is another fantastic way to express your gratitude to your loved ones! These custom chocolate squares are the perfect gift for Valentines Day!