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01 Jan 2014

Tailgating with Crispy Cakes

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A winning addition to your football parties!

We are currently in the midst of football season, and watching the game is one of Americas all time favorite pastimes! During football season, everyone looks forward to something different. Maybe you enjoy a simple cold beer at the bar with friends, or the comfort of your own home with your family and a bag of popcorn.

There are approximately 50 million tailgaters in the US, and while some come for the game and some come for the friends, there is one thing that every tailgater can agree on: food at a tailgating party is essential to the success of the event. Of course, you have your classic game snacks. Fans will consume over 1.2 billion chicken wings, over 11 million pounds of potato chips, over 8 million pounds of Guacamole, almost 4 million pounds of popcorn and lastly, almost 52 million cases of beer. These are all deliciously addictive and classic, but why not try something new this year? How about the newly popular Crispy Cake from The Crispery?

These are no ordinary Crispy Treats. Featured on Good Morning America, Racheal Ray’s Holiday list and East Coast Glam, these Crispy cakes are wildly popular and wildly tasty. Crispy Cakes come in a variety of flavors so there is something for everyone! And, on top of that, Crispy Cakes serve as the perfect promotional product! Printed with edible ink on finger-licking frosting, your logo can be displayed on even the desserts! So, next time you host a tailgating party, or any party for that matter, be sure to include the up and coming, personalized Crispy Cake!