Warehousing and Fulfillment

What is the perfect order?
The perfect order starts with an item that stands out, communicates flawlessly and memorably, is delivered on time and on budget, exceeding your expectations the first time, every time! Our distribution centers are strategically positioned to access every form of transportation to get your goods delivered as efficiently as possible.
Complete and detailed inventory control gives you a real-time inventory count, lets you track and confirm the status of your orders and shipments anywhere in the world, any time.

Picking, packing and shipping are fully integrated for complete traceability and accountability. We have partnered with national and international shippers to provide outstanding service, rates and flexibility to avoid logistic tie-ups and delays.

We create custom solutions that are individualized down to the finest detail to meet our clients’ warehousing and fulfillment needs, domestically and internationally!

A little planning goes a long way. Careful planning means that 80% of our domestic shipments go out within 24 hours, Ground Service, saving our customers express shipping fees and reducing stress for everyone.
Additionally, our expertise, knowledge and certification allow expediting international import and export shipments through US Customs eliminating costly delays and bottle necks.
From Asia and the Pacific Rim to Main Street, USA, Progressive Promotions will deliver the perfect order!