On-Demand Cost Savings

Old Inventory Model:

  • Pre-purchasing of various items
  • High risk and cost
  • Unpredictable inventory turnover
  • Unpredictable sizing and color preferences
  • Expensive to warehouse
  • Brands/logos changing
  • No opportunity to refresh ideas without
    purchase or risk
  • Personal use

New On-Demand Model:

  • Business Strategy Use
  • Reduces Costs by up to 25%
  • Partner with the best-in-class supplier for each product category
  • On-demand production
  • 75% direct-from-factory
  • Shipped within 2 days
  • Keeps program fresh, new, and innovative
  • Allows for seasonal promotions and flexibility
  • Custom real-time detailed reporting capabilities
  • Decreases risk and liability

On Demand Production:

When you use your customized e-commerce site, your items are produced on-demand and delivered in time. That means that you save up to 25% in some cases and you will never be caught with a large inventory of outdated products.