Capri Sun “Kids vs. Pros” Campaign

Capri Sun Kids vs Pros
PPI and Kraft Foods’ marketing agencies teamed up to create a slew of giveaways for the first ever Kids vs. Pros Multi-Platform National Promotion to celebrate active kids. Capri Sun offered children the chance to take on professional athletes in a nationally televised playground competition. Professional athletes included WWE® Superstar John Cena, MLB star David Ortiz, champion gymnast Gabby Douglas, and NBA star Stephen Curry. PPI created fun prizes for kids ranging from ages 6-17, which included backpacks, water bottles, custom jerseys, baseball caps, sweat bands, and other promotional products that were versatile and fun. As an added bonus, these prizes would be autographed by the participating professional athletes themselves. Due to the level of success of the campaign, Catapult (one of the marketing agencies PPI partnered with) won two REGGIE Awards, the premier industry award recognizing the best marketing campaigns activated by brands and agencies.