21 Oct 2016


We are super excited to have our Holographic Oreo Tattoo receive coverage at this year’s NASC Show! It was a hit for the Mondelez team at their booth and we are excited to be able to be a part of the magic and have it featured in the NACS Show Daily News.
Temporary tattoos can be a fun, fashionable and cost-effective promotional product that gives consumers the license to change their look with a whimsical design or show off brand loyalty without permanently altering their appearance. They have been a very popular promotional product among our clients in 2016 receiving all kinds of coverage from trade shows to the White House.


Most recently, temporary tattoos have even gone beyond the aesthetic. Researchers at MIT’s Media Lab created jewelry-inspired gold leaf tattoos that can turn the skin into circuitry. With three different kinds of tattoos, the DuoSkin project is revolutionizing the product. With their tattoos, you can control your music device, it can change color based on your body temperature, or enable data exchange using near-field communication tags. Simply amazing.


What initially started out as a fashion-statement has now made its way into the realm of technology and we are excited to be embracing this trending phenomenon.